Bible Study and Lessons

Are you interested in learning more about the Bible and God?  Whether you’re a new Christian or just wanting to educate yourself about the Christian faith, the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program is perfect for you.

Our TEE program is designed for those who wish to grow and have a better understanding of the Christian faith. The program is taught in a group setting, proctored by qualified a instructor or pastor.  Each of our instructors are highly trained and have been independently walking/serving the lord for over 20 years.

Why a Group Setting?

The group is designed to be intimate, allowing every member to contribute. Helped by a trained group leader, members share and participate in structured curriculum using a course study book.  They study Scripture together and may use role-play, learning tasks, and other group activities as well as discussion. The group leader facilitates the interactions and guides the discussion topics.

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