By Nha Long

The week at Heavenly Hills camp

The youth camp at Heavenly Hills has come to an end at day 5. Even though the weather was typically warm during the days in the high 95’s and nights were cool, the campers still could not stop to enjoy all five days at camp.DSC01693

Most of the campers slept in cabins which hold up to 12 people in bunk beds. In each cabin, there was a cabin leader that assigned to oversee cabin mates and report any concerns or issues they may have to the youth headquarter board members. All of the cabin leaders required to meet each night with the youth board members.

DSC01521The youth camp R.E.H.A.B. event was well organized by the Youth Headquarter Board Members. They started out daily with an early optional praise and worship at 7 AM followed by the morning devotion.

Throughout the day, campers participated in various activities. But, God was the focus of their lives. They would praise and worship through prayer, performing talent show, singing, playing music, lifting their hands in adoration, sharing Jesus Christ with others, praise His name with dancing, or in some other way.

DSC01616The campers were served three variety meals a day. The volunteer mothers were constantly busy in preparing the best homemade meals all day long for the campers. The food was donated by all the churches and some individuals.

This year’s youth camp, there were fifteen youths who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior through baptism. The communion was prepared to welcome those newly accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts in that evening.

The farewell day for campers has finally approached. Most of the campers were not quite ready to say goodbye to their friends.

“I just started getting to know a few people, but it’s almost about time to go back home,” said Shoua Yang, a first time camper from Sacramento, “I wish we could stay another week here at camp.”

“Let’s go,” drivers shout out loud. “We will get home late.”

It was really sad for many campers that the youth camp was over so quickly. The campers began to depart slowly from one another. They all would go home in remembrance of R.E.H.A.B 2014.20140727_140616Click here to view youth camp video clips.

Click here to view youth camp photo gallery 2014.

Here is a short video clip of the LEC Youth Camp 2014.  Please adjust the settings on the screen for video quality.

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