By Nha Long

Headquarter Banquet

Santa Ana, CA – It was a good turnout for the Headquarter Banquet.

New elected board officers swearing an oath to serve the Lord
New elected board officers swearing an oath to serve the Lord

The purpose of the banquet was to welcome the new elected board officers and turn over past paperwork and financial records to them.

The banquet transition usually held once every two years after the election of the Headquarter,  Headquarter Men’s Department,  Headquarter Women’s Department, and Headquarter Youth Department.

DSC02675For this year’s banquet, there were approximately 130 to 150 people. Most of the people who came to the banquet were LEC members. They all traveled from Northern California, Central Valley California, Southern California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Listening to Dr. Paul Lo's sermon.
Listening to Dr. Paul Lo’s sermon.

All the seats in the church sanctuary of Lao Evangelical Church of Santa Ana were evidently taken. The service program lasted about 3 hours, but it was a well-planned event. Many of the LEC singers were invited to sing during the banquet. The sermon was giving by one of the LEC members Dr. Paul Lo who is the first Hmong judge in the United States currently serving in the  County of Merced, California.

But in spite of the absence of many members coming to join this year’s banquet, there would most likely be another time.  Thus, don’t miss out the next chance of the upcoming banquet in the year of 2016.

Click here to view HQ banquet photo gallery.

Thank you to Mrs. Chowwa Moua and Mrs. Ga Pao Chang for the courtesy of these videos below.

Please adjust the settings on the screen for video quality.

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  1. Keep it up. With the events taken place and posted this way, it will give new meaning to those that lack determination. WN

  2. Great job. Keep doing what your doing.

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